Dan Davenport

Dan Davenport

Dan Davenport is an award-winning business communications producer.  He has 30+ years experience in photography, multi-image, multimedia, video, and print, and he has a goal.

After joining Minolta Corporation in 1971, he created the first Minolta School of Photography.  It grew into The Maxxum Experience series of photo education seminars, presented live throughout the US by a team of Minolta Technical Representatives.  The program expanded to video with individual video programs available for then current Maxxum models.  He also produced an extensive series of sales training videos on many of Minolta’s other key camera models.

He created Minolta’s audio-visual production group…

  • To more cost effectively support Minolta’s photographic educational efforts
  • And to provide exciting and motivational product introductions, national meetings, and product and photographic training,

Art, photography, film processing, finishing, and programming were all in house, supported by a very small staff, augmented as needed by freelance talent.

His slide, multi-image, and video programs earned more than 30 awards in national and international competition.

His efficient, hybrid internal/external production system created…

  • Powerful shows
  • Visually exciting videos
  • Persuasive print…
  • … that greatly enhanced Minolta’s image in the marketplace.

A hallmark of the production facility was environmentally friendly slide and graphic arts film processing.  While producing over 125,000 slides annually, no photographic effluents were discharged into the environment, and all waste chemical constituents were returned to commerce instead of chemical dump sites.

He also managed the staging of shows in many cities across the United States and Canada.  Internationally, he managed shows in: Acapulco, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., Cologne and Munich, Germany, Vienna, Austria, Glasgow, Scotland, London, England, Monte Carlo, Osaka, Japan, and several Caribbean cruise ships.

Dan thinks in terms of “systems.”  He finds exciting programs can be developed using existing human and equipment resources by combining them in new and innovative ways.

He is active in professional associations:

Former fully accredited member, Regional Director, and Technical Standards Chair of the Audio Visual Management Association (now Communications Media Management Association).

New Jersey State Governor’s Review Commission to re-engineer media production in state government

He has articles published in various professional magazines and online.

  • His award winning media production department was featured in Photo Methods Magazine.
  • He has attended and been a contributor to many industry and management educational forums.
  • He was a member of The Association for Multi-Image and host for one of its annual meetings.

Dan Davenport, EzineArticles Basic PLUS AuthorPrior to Minolta, Dan managed a camera shop in a northern Chicago suburb.  He has also serviced electrocardiograph machines and instructed technicians in their diagnostically accurate use.  And he served in the United States Navy where he specialized in the radar and computer systems that directed his ship’s gunnery.