DPS 12 Days of Christmas Sale… Day 13

12_Days_SmalllDay 13… yes Day 13… of Digital Photography School’s Fantastic 12 Days of Christmas Sale is on, so I’m going to hand you over to DPS’s Boss, Darren Rouse for the great news.

ribbon-600_webIt has been another AMAZING 12 days of Christmas with bargains had by thousands. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the 12 days as much as we did bringing it to you.

As in previous years we did get a few sad messages from readers who missed deals along the way asking if there was any way to get them.

As a result today we’re opening all 12 deals back up again for one last chance.


So if there’s a deal you regret missing or you might have missed one of our emails – you’re in luck. Here they are!

We can’t keep them up forever, so when the clock strikes 2016 all the deals will vanish. Don’t miss out.

All the best

Darren Rowse
Digital Photography School

* * * * *

This is THE FINAL GREAT GIFT FOR 2015 from Darren and the great folks at Digital Photography School! And, as I remind you all the time, I’ve NEVER been disappointed in the quality of the information with any DPS books I’ve purchased or any of their recommendations! So here’s your chance to pick up on any of the fantastic bargains you may have missed that DPS offered over the last 12 Days – I know I missed a couple, so it’s pick up time for me.

The important thing is to use this link: http://www.greatphototools.com/blog/2015-DPS-12-Day-Sale to grab these deals as that’s the only way to get the special pricing.

So thanks and Merry Christmas to Darren and his elves. We wish them a great holiday season, and a warm, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year (‘cause if DPS is prosperous, it means that they have offered us a BUNCH of great new products to help us grow in photography).

Merry Christmas…


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